London Knowledge Blue Book Runs
You can get all 320 blue books runs plus over 30,000 points, over 4,000 restaurants as well as London embassies, blue plaques, over 30 blank maps and much much more... Click Here Now for your instant download.
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New Online Shop For Knowledge Related products

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There is a new online knowledge shop open where you can get instant downloads of runs, points, blank maps, list of restaurants, embassies etc etc. This looks great because you don’t have to wait for a disc to be sent or worse still paper versions. The thing with discs is they always get scratched and before you know it you need to uy a new one… more expense. Then there are hard copies or paper versions, well these are ok but if they get wet they are ruined if someone nicks them off your bike when you stop for a toilet break you are stuck. Also how messy do runs get when you go out, you start making notes here and there and before you know they are not even legable.

The restaurants and embassies all have address and post code making it easy to find if you are looking for a particular restaurant or embassy. You might want to spend a bit of time just pointing for these so this is ideal. The points are amazing, over 30,000, more than enough for anyone to be getting on with. CLICK HERE and have a look at their online knowledge shop, they are even giving some free stuff away, we all like free don’t we?

What Are Points?

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Points are simply points of interest or landmarks, some of the points are very obscure and hard to find others are more obvious. The thing you need to remember is that you are very unlikely to be asked the obvious points when you are on an appearance. An Appearance is when you are tested on what you already know. We’ll talk more about those later.

You are probably thinking what is the point, no pun intended, of learning the points, well there are a couple of reason really. Whilst looking for points you will learning more of London and also if a fare get in and asks you to take them to the grave of Giro the Nazi dog it wouldn’t look good if you didn’t know it. What you need to remember about doing the knowledge it’s like doing your driving test, once you have passed you will probably not need to know half of what you have learned.

There is a site that was the original Knowledge of London site and is still going and that is they have a lot of useful information with regards to the knowledge and there is a new online knowledge shop where you can a huge list of over 30,000 points and download them instantly. This takes all the hassle out of trying to find points, you can find them much easier than going through a book, sinmple search and your computer will find.

The Knowledge

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Welcome to Taxi-Knowledge where you can find out all about the knowledge of London or how to become a London taxi driver. The knowledge is basically the “training” you need to do to become a London taxi driver and get your Hackney carriage licence and the Green badge. The Green badge is means you can work in London and the suburbs whereas they Yellow badge only allows you to work whichever suburbs or sector you have done the Yellow badge for.

Most people will go for the green badge but this does take a lot longer to complete, from start to finish a green badge can take anything from 3-5 years or longer in some cases. Whereas the yellow badge can obtained within about 18 months - 2 years or less.

We hope to show you everything you need to become a London black taxi cab driver and we will also show places of interest and point you in the right direction for what you need to get you through the taxi knowledge. Nowadays there are lots of web sites regarding the knowledge but most of these are either not worth a visit or they are tying to sell you stuff you don’t really need. We will also list some of the knowledge schools that are out there where you can go and meet fellow knowledge boys and girls. Most people think their wives/husbands/partners will be supportive and most probably are but when it comes to calling over, we’ll discuss this later, they will soon get bored and you will get irritated with them. When you are doing the knowledge you can, and most do, end up eating, sleeping and shitting the knowledge. This is where schools help and they can also be good places to find call over partners.

Blank Map Test

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You have probably heard about the map test and wondered what exactly is involved. Well it’s pretty straight forward really, you will be given a list of points and for each point there will be a multiple choice of answers, you simple have to decided which is the correct location. You need to read these carefully because they might just change a postal area. Below are a couple of examples examples:

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Imperial Cancer Research Fund?

Lincolns Inn Fields WC1
Lincolns Inn Fields WC2
Lincolns Inn Fields WC3

The next example really show why you should not ruch through and make sure you read correctly:

London Weather Centre?

Clerkenwell Road EC1
Clarkenwell Street EC1
Clerkanwell Road EC1

You will also be asked to choose a correct run so you will have a run followed by multiple choice answers again. Examples below:

Finally you will be given a blank map with some points on, the points will be labeled, for example A, B, C, D, E and you will then have to place the corresponding letter on the map where you believe that point is. See example below:

All of the above was courtesy of

Medical to Become a London Taxi Driver

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When you apply to the PCO to be accepted on the knowledge you will need to have a medical to make sure you are fit and healthy.  The medical form which the PCO give you has to be completed by a doctor whose care you have been under for at least 12 months. The medical will cover 7 major areas which are problems with your heart, whether you are diabetic if you have epilepsy, it will also cover you nervous system, sight, any psychiatric illness and also musculoskeltal.

You will not be able to become a London taxi driver if you have had heart problems or heart sugery or if you have a history of alcahol abuse. There are other conditions that can prevent you from becoming a taxi driver including if you have had a history of blackouts or had a stroke.

If you have any of the aboce medical problems there is not much point applying to the PCO to become a London taxi driver as you will be rejected. If you want more information and help on becoming a London cabby the CLICK HERE and get the complete pack which will help you through every step of the application process as well as giving you over 30,000 points, all the blue book runs and much mch more.