London Knowledge Blue Book Runs
You can get all 320 blue books runs plus over 30,000 points, over 4,000 restaurants as well as London embassies, blue plaques, over 30 blank maps and much much more... Click Here Now for your instant download.
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Blue Book Runs

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blue book runs

If you are thinking of doing the knowledge of London then you will need a set of blue book runs, these can be anything From £50 up to over £80. A lot of people sell them on paper or in “book” form but thwese are not very practical and the reason they sell them like this is probably because they know you will need to buy more as these become ruined. The best way to buy the runs is without a doubt in digital form, this means you can constantly update them and every time you go out you will have a nerw fresh run to work with.

Doing the taxi knowledge can seem like an uphill struggle at time so anything you can do yo make the journey less hassle and less stressful has to be a good thing. Click Here and get your copy of the blue book runs in digital format now.

Audio Blue Book Runs

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Some people say you can literally learn while you sleep by listening to a recording, so some people will listen to a CD to learn another language. Well now you can learn the knowledge while you sleep with the blue book runs being called over in your ear as you gently fall to sleep. Who are “they” who knows but they reckon it works, whether it works or not having the blue book runs available on audio has to be a good thing.

If you are chilling in the garden or commuting to work have the runs called over in your ear, it’s a bit like learning the words to a song, if you hear it enough times it’s bound to sink in. There are some so called audio runs out there that are just type and talk software, if you want to listen to a really bad robot then they are fine but not really up for the job, they are more annoying than helpful.

If you want to have all 320 blue book runs called over by a real person then Click Here to check them out. They come in 4 modules with each module containing 80 runs so module 1 has runs 1 to 80 and module 2 has runs 81 to 160 and, well you get the idea with that. These are a really good revision tool and anything that helps has to be a good thing. The never get tired, never get bored just fire them up and away you go, as the little meerkat would say “Simples”

How Hard is it to Become a London Taxi Driver?

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There is no simple answer to this as it will differ from person to person. The Knowledge will take anywhere from 3 years to 5 years as it really depends on your commitment, time available to do it and obviously how quickly you can learn and retain the information.

One of the biggest factor in the amount of time it takes to become a London taxi diver is the amount of time you can get out there and learn the runs and pick up the points. Obviously if you can only get out at weekends then it will be harder to do the knowledge than if you can get out 3 or 4 times per week.

There is no point thinking you can rush through the knowledge and pass within 18 months because it won’t happen. It’s not hard to become a London cabbie it’s just the sheer volume of runs and points needed to be learnt. There are lots of stuff out there to help with doing the knowledge and you can spend money hand over fist buying this and that and then the other. Most of the stuff you will be told you need you won’t actually need it. All you need is a large laminated map of the 6 mile radius, the blue book and maybe alist of runs. If you really want a great tool that will save you time and money then get the Download The Full Pack Here and get ahead of others. This is not a fast track to becoming a London black cab driver it’s just a very good aid that will help youand save you money because it has everything you need on it. So for the price of a few beers you will have a nice little tool to assit you to reach your goal of becoming a London Taxi Driver.

So How Hard is it to become a London taxi Driver?…how long is a piece of string.

CLICK HERE for the full pack

New Online Shop For Knowledge Related products

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There is a new online knowledge shop open where you can get instant downloads of runs, points, blank maps, list of restaurants, embassies etc etc. This looks great because you don’t have to wait for a disc to be sent or worse still paper versions. The thing with discs is they always get scratched and before you know it you need to uy a new one… more expense. Then there are hard copies or paper versions, well these are ok but if they get wet they are ruined if someone nicks them off your bike when you stop for a toilet break you are stuck. Also how messy do runs get when you go out, you start making notes here and there and before you know they are not even legable.

The restaurants and embassies all have address and post code making it easy to find if you are looking for a particular restaurant or embassy. You might want to spend a bit of time just pointing for these so this is ideal. The points are amazing, over 30,000, more than enough for anyone to be getting on with. CLICK HERE and have a look at their online knowledge shop, they are even giving some free stuff away, we all like free don’t we?

What Are Points?

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Points are simply points of interest or landmarks, some of the points are very obscure and hard to find others are more obvious. The thing you need to remember is that you are very unlikely to be asked the obvious points when you are on an appearance. An Appearance is when you are tested on what you already know. We’ll talk more about those later.

You are probably thinking what is the point, no pun intended, of learning the points, well there are a couple of reason really. Whilst looking for points you will learning more of London and also if a fare get in and asks you to take them to the grave of Giro the Nazi dog it wouldn’t look good if you didn’t know it. What you need to remember about doing the knowledge it’s like doing your driving test, once you have passed you will probably not need to know half of what you have learned.

There is a site that was the original Knowledge of London site and is still going and that is they have a lot of useful information with regards to the knowledge and there is a new online knowledge shop where you can a huge list of over 30,000 points and download them instantly. This takes all the hassle out of trying to find points, you can find them much easier than going through a book, sinmple search and your computer will find.