What Are Points?

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Points are simply points of interest or landmarks, some of the points are very obscure and hard to find others are more obvious. The thing you need to remember is that you are very unlikely to be asked the obvious points when you are on an appearance. An Appearance is when you are tested on what you already know. We’ll talk more about those later.

You are probably thinking what is the point, no pun intended, of learning the points, well there are a couple of reason really. Whilst looking for points you will learning more of London and also if a fare get in and asks you to take them to the grave of Giro the Nazi dog it wouldn’t look good if you didn’t know it. What you need to remember about doing the knowledge it’s like doing your driving test, once you have passed you will probably not need to know half of what you have learned.

There is a site that was the original Knowledge of London site and is still going and that is www.taxiknowledge.co.uk they have a lot of useful information with regards to the knowledge and there is a new online knowledge shop where you can a huge list of over 30,000 points and download them instantly. This takes all the hassle out of trying to find points, you can find them much easier than going through a book, sinmple search and your computer will find.

The Knowledge

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Welcome to Taxi-Knowledge where you can find out all about the knowledge of London or how to become a London taxi driver. The knowledge is basically the “training” you need to do to become a London taxi driver and get your Hackney carriage licence and the Green badge. The Green badge is means you can work in London and the suburbs whereas they Yellow badge only allows you to work whichever suburbs or sector you have done the Yellow badge for.

Most people will go for the green badge but this does take a lot longer to complete, from start to finish a green badge can take anything from 3-5 years or longer in some cases. Whereas the yellow badge can obtained within about 18 months - 2 years or less.

We hope to show you everything you need to become a London black taxi cab driver and we will also show places of interest and point you in the right direction for what you need to get you through the taxi knowledge. Nowadays there are lots of web sites regarding the knowledge but most of these are either not worth a visit or they are tying to sell you stuff you don’t really need. We will also list some of the knowledge schools that are out there where you can go and meet fellow knowledge boys and girls. Most people think their wives/husbands/partners will be supportive and most probably are but when it comes to calling over, we’ll discuss this later, they will soon get bored and you will get irritated with them. When you are doing the knowledge you can, and most do, end up eating, sleeping and shitting the knowledge. This is where schools help and they can also be good places to find call over partners.

Blank Map Test

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You have probably heard about the map test and wondered what exactly is involved. Well it’s pretty straight forward really, you will be given a list of points and for each point there will be a multiple choice of answers, you simple have to decided which is the correct location. You need to read these carefully because they might just change a postal area. Below are a couple of examples examples:

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Imperial Cancer Research Fund?

Lincolns Inn Fields WC1
Lincolns Inn Fields WC2
Lincolns Inn Fields WC3

The next example really show why you should not ruch through and make sure you read correctly:

London Weather Centre?

Clerkenwell Road EC1
Clarkenwell Street EC1
Clerkanwell Road EC1

You will also be asked to choose a correct run so you will have a run followed by multiple choice answers again. Examples below:

Finally you will be given a blank map with some points on, the points will be labeled, for example A, B, C, D, E and you will then have to place the corresponding letter on the map where you believe that point is. See example below:

All of the above was courtesy of www.taxiknowledge.co.uk

Medical to Become a London Taxi Driver

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When you apply to the PCO to be accepted on the knowledge you will need to have a medical to make sure you are fit and healthy.  The medical form which the PCO give you has to be completed by a doctor whose care you have been under for at least 12 months. The medical will cover 7 major areas which are problems with your heart, whether you are diabetic if you have epilepsy, it will also cover you nervous system, sight, any psychiatric illness and also musculoskeltal.

You will not be able to become a London taxi driver if you have had heart problems or heart sugery or if you have a history of alcahol abuse. There are other conditions that can prevent you from becoming a taxi driver including if you have had a history of blackouts or had a stroke.

If you have any of the aboce medical problems there is not much point applying to the PCO to become a London taxi driver as you will be rejected. If you want more information and help on becoming a London cabby the CLICK HERE and get the complete pack which will help you through every step of the application process as well as giving you over 30,000 points, all the blue book runs and much mch more.

The Taxi Knowledge Blue Book Runs

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The blue book runs are probably thought to be the most important part of the learning process if you want to become a London taxi driver. So what are the blue book runs? simply they are a list of points and directions to get from one point to the other in the quickest most direct route. You will need to learn all 320 of these runs before you even make a dent in the process.

Once you have completed the runs you will then be going out and learning as many points as you can, what are points? these are just “points of interest” like Trafalgar square or the 100 club. The reason you need to learn as many points as possible is because many times people will get in your taxi and not know what road/street something is in so they might just ask you to take them to the Sherlock Holmes Hotel for instance.

People still ask if it is worth learning the taxi knowledge and the answer is of course it is, if it’s what you really want to do. The benefits are being your own boss and working as and when you want to. London taxi drivers are retiring, dying or simply choosing another career path so there is always room for new taxi drivers which of course means more and more people doing the knowledge of London.

If you are looking to become a London taxi driver and are considering doing the knowledge then you can get all you need from Taxi-knowledge.co.uk

Taxi Knowledge Runs

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Taxi knowledge runs or blue book runs as they are officially know are a set of 320 routes from one point to another as can be seen in the example below. The knowledge runs are simply a guide to help you learn the part of London you will need to be able to become a London black taxi driver. The runs change all the time because roads change all the time, they may decide to make a road a no right turn or simply close the road for major works. This can be a problem if you have the knowledge runs on paper because you would have to make a copy every time you went out so you could write over it and make any changes. That is a lot of photocopying and there is a much easier solution taxi run on CD Click Here to get a copy now. This makes it much easier, you simply print out a run, go out and make a not of any changes and the update when you get home.

No matter what runs you get you will still have to put in the work and it is a lot of work, how long does it take to do the knowledge? well that can be anything from 3-5 years, yes really that long but with the help of places like taxiknowledge it will not seem so difficult and you can get help and advice from other knowledge boys and girls.

Many people are looking for cheap blur book runs and many are shocked when they find they can spend as much as £80 just for the runs. You don’t need to spend that much on runs and the cheapest way is to download them, you can get the runs in a pdf file Here but your best bet is to get the complete pack, it contains all the information you need and will certainly save you money.

Whatever you choose to do to help you through the knowledge good luck!

London Taxi Knwoledge

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The London taxi knowledge is the process of learning London to achieve your green badge, what is a green badge? The green badge is what you will be issued with once you have completed the knowledge and this badge is your licence to be a London taxi driver. The green badge is worn at all times so that the public can be sure you are a licensed London taxi driver.

If you are looking fro a change of career or just want to be your own boss then the knowledge could be just what you are looking for. You will need to get a set of blue book runs Click Here to get a copy now and save 39% on the regular price. The above link will take you to the full pack which contains a wealth of information as well as the blue book runs. You will be expected to learn the 320 blue book runs but as well as that you need to learn London within a six mile radius of Charing Cross. This may seem a daunting task but if you apply yourself there is no reason you should fail the knowledge test. The London knowledge test consists of “appearances” these are where you are tested by a PCO examiner and they will ask you to take them from one point to another for example Manor House to Gibson Square and you would need to take them there be telling them each road you will use, see the example below:






R________ ST PAUL’S ROAD






The chances of you being asked that run are remote but that is how you would call it over, calling over is the term for reciting a run. There is also a map test for the knowledge and that is where you have to plot a route using blank maps, blank as in no street names on them, just the roads. Click Here to see a mock map test.

You can see the run 1 of the London taxi knowledge below:

Where To Get Runs For The Knowledge

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There are many places you can get runs for the knowledge and they will vary in price from as little as £15 to around £80. Why such a big difference in price? well it’s simply because the more expensive blue book runs come in “books” and therefore the cost to produce them is much higher. However the cheaper ones are in digital form so no need for them to be printed professionally cutting down on much of the expense to produce them. You can get all the blue book runs for the knowledge plus much much more taxi-knowledge.co.uk if you would like to see there full pack that includes all the runs plus over 30,000 points, blank maps etc etc then CLICK HERE to see the “full pack”.

The great thing as is mentioned on here is that you simply choose which runs to do then print those out, when you do them are are bound to be changes, no right turns, roads closed, so all you do is make a note on the paper then when you get home you fire up the computer edit the runs to make the changes then you have a brand new bang up to date run for next time or just for reference.

To become a black licensed taxi driver in London you have to do the knowledge so do it the best way you can and if you get the 320 blur book runs in digital format you are making life much easier for yourself. I say easier not easy, you still need to learn all the runs and be able to call them over and you also need to know as many points (points of interest) as you can. There is a lot to learn but the rewards are good for those who make it so Click This and get started today… Good Luck!

320 Blue Book Runs

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The “old” 400 runs that used to be in the blue book issued by the PCO were replaced with a shorter list of runs so now the blue book contains just 320 runs. This is a bit misleading because people think it must be that bit easier now as there less runs to learn. Well the simple fact is you still need to learn the 6 mile radius so whether the blue book has 400, runs, 320 runs or 100 runs you will still have to cover the whole of London.

The blue book runs are just a guide for you to learn and the blue book the public carriage office give you will just list the runs from point to point, they do not give you the actual run. The actual runs are the route you would take to get from point A to point B. A lot of people talk about having an up to date set of runs but the thing is that things are changing all the time so the only way to have up to date runs is to get out then and actually do them. One of the problems when buying the complete blue book runs is that a lot of people supply them on paper in book form. This can get a bit messy and pricey because when you want to go out and do a run you will tear the run out to put on your knowledge board, as you do the run you make a not of any points that have changed as well as road changes. Now you have a piece of paper with scribble all over it, not so good when you want to go and do that run again. This is where have them digitally is a great idea, simply print out the run or runs you want to do and then scribble away to make the changes. When you get home simply call up the run or runs on your computer and neatly make the changes, save the file and next time you go out you have a nice new neat blue book runs.

Just remember that just because the new blue book only has 320 runs does not meant it is easier or that there are any short cuts, the only way you will achieve your goal of completing the knowledge is to get on your bike and go out and do the runs. Also remember that the only way you will fail is if you give up.

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Calling Over The Runs

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What is “calling over” when we are talking about the knowledge of London?, calling over is the repeating of a run over and over. So you would take a run and then call it exactly as you would run it for example. You should call over all the blue book runs and then move onto alternative runs. A lot of people think that they can call over the runs with their partner but this is not really going to work unless your partner is doing the knowledge as well.

The problem with calling over with a partner is that firstly they will get very very bored as they will just be listening to you repeating run after run and it will mean nothing to them. Secondly as they do not know the runs they will not pick up if you make a mistake, yes they might have the blue book in front of them but they will soon lose track of where you are. When you are calling over you really need a “call over partner”, a call over partner is exactly what it says on the tin, someone to call over with you.

You can find call over partners from websites such as www.taxiknowledge.co.uk or you can join a knowledge school where you can go and call over with people who are at the same level as you.

Remember with all the will in the world your partner will soon be falling asleep while you are trying to do your call overs so a call over partner is essential if you want to stay with your partner.

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