London Knowledge Blue Book Runs
You can get all 320 blue books runs plus over 30,000 points, over 4,000 restaurants as well as London embassies, blue plaques, over 30 blank maps and much much more... Click Here Now for your instant download.
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Calling Over The Runs

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What is “calling over” when we are talking about the knowledge of London?, calling over is the repeating of a run over and over. So you would take a run and then call it exactly as you would run it for example. You should call over all the blue book runs and then move onto alternative runs. A lot of people think that they can call over the runs with their partner but this is not really going to work unless your partner is doing the knowledge as well.

The problem with calling over with a partner is that firstly they will get very very bored as they will just be listening to you repeating run after run and it will mean nothing to them. Secondly as they do not know the runs they will not pick up if you make a mistake, yes they might have the blue book in front of them but they will soon lose track of where you are. When you are calling over you really need a “call over partner”, a call over partner is exactly what it says on the tin, someone to call over with you.

You can find call over partners from websites such as or you can join a knowledge school where you can go and call over with people who are at the same level as you.

Remember with all the will in the world your partner will soon be falling asleep while you are trying to do your call overs so a call over partner is essential if you want to stay with your partner.

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Taxi Knowledge Blue Rook Runs

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If you are thinking of doing the knowledge to become a licensed London taxi driver then you are going to need the blue books runs and this is the first thing you will be thinking of when starting the knowledge of London. That’s fine and yes you will need the blue book runs but what about other stuff such as points, lists of embassies, blue plaques, theatres etc etc.

Most of the runs you buy will have points at the front and back so you can have a quick look before and after the run but what about when you have completed the 320 blue book runs... what then?. You will then begin “pointing” this is where you go out and spot as many points as possible. These include buildings, schools, hospitals, theatres, blue plaques, statues… the list goes on and on. OK so how do you know what points to look for or where they are, well from doing the runs you will automatically be picking up points as you go simply because you will covering the same ground over and over so you will naturally see points. What do you do when you have finished the runs though, what you need is ready made lists with points so you can either search for them alphabetically, if you know what you are looking for or you can search by post code. So if you plan on going to W1 you can simply find all the points in W1 then make a list and go and find them… simples.

For a comprehensive list of points and runs visit they have some really good knowledge related products and all at very good prices. I would recommend the full pack because you get a lot of products, all in fact and you will save yourself money as well.

Knowledge Runs On Kindle, Android And Tablet

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More and more of us use our mobile devices for most things now so why not use them to learn the knowledge of London. You can now get the complete 320 runs for the knowledge on the Kindle, iPad, iPod touch Android, and Tablets. Click Here to get the blue book runs and then go to Amazon to get your free app if you don’t have a Kindle.

If you were to get the London knowledge runs on paper you could expect to pay ten times what they will cost you on your mobile device. At just over £8 the blue book runs for mobile are a bargain and can be taken with you wherever and whenever you want.

How Long Does It Take

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This is a question that many people ask when considering doing the knowledge and the best answer is “how long is a piece of string”. It really depends on the individual and how quick you can take in all the information that you need to learn to become a London taxi driver. You are looking at between 2-5 years on average to complete the knowledge of London, of course it will always make a difference if you are doing the knowledge full time or part time because obviously the more runs you can do the quicker you will get through.

Many people do the knowledge part time though and that is usually because they are already in full time employment it is still possible to do the knowledge part time but obviously it will take slightly longer than if you were doing the blue book runs full time.

Whether you are doing the knowledge full time or part time you will still need to cover the same runs and there is also tens of thousands of points to find. The cost of the blue book runs vary but you can pay as much as £80 just for the 320 blue book runs but there are cheaper alternatives out there and taxi-knowledge do a complete pack which consists of all the 320 blue book runs plus over 30,000 points, blank maps, lists of police stations, theatres, embassies, museums and much more for under £30 and the great thing with the pack from taxi-knowledge is that they are downloaded instantly and you then simply choose which runs you want to do, print them off then get out there and do them. If you need to make changes, which you will do, you just make notes on the printed sheets then when you get hoe you can change the run on the computer, save it and then next time you have a fresh run.

So don’t be put off by the length of time it will take you to become a licensed London taxi driver because the rewards are still very good, you work when you want and are your own boss. So if you are thinking of learning the taxi knowledge then check out the complete pack at

Whose Runs to Use?

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When it comes to runs there are not really many choices because at the end of the day a run is a run is a run. Some people won’t even buy runs that they think are out of date. The thing with runs is that they are just a guide and once you get onto your appearances you will probably not be asked any of the actual runs in the modules. You could get some runs from and then simply update them yourself. The beauty of getting them digitally is that it makes it so easy to find any runs you want to be doing or revising. Also when you go out you will find you are writing over the sheets so they end up very messy. All you do is make any changes and then update them on your computer, next time you have fresh tidy runs. The thing is no matter how up to date someone says their runs are you will always find errors and changes.

What you need to remember is that when you set out to do the knowledge you don’t know, well many don’t, exactly what it is you do need. Obviously you will need the blue book runs or modules and you will also need a list of points but a lot of the other stuff people will try and sell you is just not needed. Click Here to get the complete pack of runs plus much much more