How Long Does It Take

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This is a question that many people ask when considering doing the knowledge and the best answer is “how long is a piece of string”. It really depends on the individual and how quick you can take in all the information that you need to learn to become a London taxi driver. You are looking at between 2-5 years on average to complete the knowledge of London, of course it will always make a difference if you are doing the knowledge full time or part time because obviously the more runs you can do the quicker you will get through.

Many people do the knowledge part time though and that is usually because they are already in full time employment it is still possible to do the knowledge part time but obviously it will take slightly longer than if you were doing the blue book runs full time.

Whether you are doing the knowledge full time or part time you will still need to cover the same runs and there is also tens of thousands of points to find. The cost of the blue book runs vary but you can pay as much as £80 just for the 320 blue book runs but there are cheaper alternatives out there and taxi-knowledge do a complete pack which consists of all the 320 blue book runs plus over 30,000 points, blank maps, lists of police stations, theatres, embassies, museums and much more for under £30 and the great thing with the pack from taxi-knowledge is that they are downloaded instantly and you then simply choose which runs you want to do, print them off then get out there and do them. If you need to make changes, which you will do, you just make notes on the printed sheets then when you get hoe you can change the run on the computer, save it and then next time you have a fresh run.

So don’t be put off by the length of time it will take you to become a licensed London taxi driver because the rewards are still very good, you work when you want and are your own boss. So if you are thinking of learning the taxi knowledge then check out the complete pack at

Whose Runs to Use?

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When it comes to runs there are not really many choices because at the end of the day a run is a run is a run. Some people won’t even buy runs that they think are out of date. The thing with runs is that they are just a guide and once you get onto your appearances you will probably not be asked any of the actual runs in the modules. You could get some runs from and then simply update them yourself. The beauty of getting them digitally is that it makes it so easy to find any runs you want to be doing or revising. Also when you go out you will find you are writing over the sheets so they end up very messy. All you do is make any changes and then update them on your computer, next time you have fresh tidy runs. The thing is no matter how up to date someone says their runs are you will always find errors and changes.

What you need to remember is that when you set out to do the knowledge you don’t know, well many don’t, exactly what it is you do need. Obviously you will need the blue book runs or modules and you will also need a list of points but a lot of the other stuff people will try and sell you is just not needed. Click Here to get the complete pack of runs plus much much more

Doing The Knowledge With a Criminal Record

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This is a question that gets asked a lot and there is not a simple answer, well there is, the simple answer is yes you can do the knowledge if you have a criminal record. The reason it’s not that simple is because it will depend on many factors, what was the the offence, how long ago was it, how long your conviction was. A lot of people worry about becoming a London cabbie if they have points on their licence, this really doesn’t matter but other offences can and will make a difference. The P.C.O will not look kindly upon violent offences such as GBH or ABH because to become a London taxi driver you need to have a good character and not be likely to attack your customers.

So doing the knowledge with a criminal record is OK but in all cases you need to tell the P.C.O about every conviction you have, this is only for current convictions, you do not need to tell them about any spent convictions but it’s best to be as honest as you can with them because if they find anything out later there is a good chance you will not be allowed to continue doing the knowledge.

Blue Book Runs

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blue book runs

If you are thinking of doing the knowledge of London then you will need a set of blue book runs, these can be anything From £50 up to over £80. A lot of people sell them on paper or in “book” form but thwese are not very practical and the reason they sell them like this is probably because they know you will need to buy more as these become ruined. The best way to buy the runs is without a doubt in digital form, this means you can constantly update them and every time you go out you will have a nerw fresh run to work with.

Doing the taxi knowledge can seem like an uphill struggle at time so anything you can do yo make the journey less hassle and less stressful has to be a good thing. Click Here and get your copy of the blue book runs in digital format now.

How Hard is it to Become a London Taxi Driver?

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There is no simple answer to this as it will differ from person to person. The Knowledge will take anywhere from 3 years to 5 years as it really depends on your commitment, time available to do it and obviously how quickly you can learn and retain the information.

One of the biggest factor in the amount of time it takes to become a London taxi diver is the amount of time you can get out there and learn the runs and pick up the points. Obviously if you can only get out at weekends then it will be harder to do the knowledge than if you can get out 3 or 4 times per week.

There is no point thinking you can rush through the knowledge and pass within 18 months because it won’t happen. It’s not hard to become a London cabbie it’s just the sheer volume of runs and points needed to be learnt. There are lots of stuff out there to help with doing the knowledge and you can spend money hand over fist buying this and that and then the other. Most of the stuff you will be told you need you won’t actually need it. All you need is a large laminated map of the 6 mile radius, the blue book and maybe alist of runs. If you really want a great tool that will save you time and money then get the Download The Full Pack Here and get ahead of others. This is not a fast track to becoming a London black cab driver it’s just a very good aid that will help youand save you money because it has everything you need on it. So for the price of a few beers you will have a nice little tool to assit you to reach your goal of becoming a London Taxi Driver.

So How Hard is it to become a London taxi Driver?…how long is a piece of string.

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